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NEW: Java software!!!
and YaggaAlpha1.5.8R!
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18th October 1999


The free multi-player game server: use Yagga to write your own play-by-e-mail, real time, not-actually-real-time game servers.

Requires Java JDK 1.2 or above!
Yagga & Java sites: Yagga & PbML
Download latest server, docs and manuals
Walter's Java & Software
Java programs and Win95 stuffz
Other sites: Walter's home page
home page of one of the authors
Liberty / Art Nouveau
Modern style in Turin and Paris

La nuova agorą di Yagga: Yagorą per ddiscutere, scrivere, contribuire..
Recensioni, ricette, pensieri in libertą e soprattutto un esempio di wiki!

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